Pretoria - MAP Introduction & Trainers Course (2019-03-07 to 10)

Clubhouse, Wingate Park Country Club, Norval Street Moreleta Park, Pretoria, 0153

Date: 7 – 10 March 2019


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NEW 4-day training module. 1 Day MAP Introduction course plus 3 Day MAP Trainer course

Date: 7-10 March 2019

*NOTE – Pre-requisite to becoming a MAP Trainer: In-depth knowledge of human anatomy.

Wingate Park Country Club
Norval Street Moreleta Park

MAP Introduction course: Redefining the core

This course addresses the following topics:

  • The MAP Concept: introduction to muscle meridian theory vs muscle isolation theory.
  • Article review: Sitting is the new smoking by Selen Yeager. This section reveals how sitting has been scientifically shown to shut down our good posture and how it negatively affects our movement.
  • Article review: Pandiculations: natures way of maintaining functional integrity by LF Bertolucci. In this section we discuss the characteristics of fascia and how a technique called “pandiculation” has been proven to loosen fascia slings and re-train movement.
  • Article review: Training principles for fascial connective tissue by Robert Schleip and Divo Müller.
  • Hydration of fascia: Foam roller techniques to increase the elasticity of fascia.
  • Proprioceptive training: Movement principles to increase the body’s awareness in space.
  • Anatomy trains: explaining the Fascia slings according to Thomas Myer and redefining the concept of core.
  • Breathing techniques: fascia release for improved diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Practical application: How to create spinal movement utilizing breathing techniques.
  • MAP fascia practical class.


MAP Trainer Course:

This course that covers the following:

Day 1:

  • Review of introduction course
  • Theoretical teaching around deep front line
  • Practical application of the deep front line through movement and self manual release
  • MAP practical class

Day 2:

  • Theoretical teaching and practical application of the anterior line
  • Theoretical teaching and practical application of the posterior line
  • Theoretical teaching and practical application of the lateral line
  • Introduction of MAP 5 evaluation principles
  • Application of MAP 5 evaluation principles
  • MAP group class

Day 3:

  • Theoretical teaching and practical application of the Spiral line
  • Crossing the lines: integration of all the knowledge using practical sessions
  • Taking a client from individual sessions to group sessions
  • How to compose a group class
  • Teaching principles
  • Application of knowledge in a case study


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