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MAP applied to life

MAP Movement was founded to enable and equip the client. Through continual education we try our utmost best to make every movement principle understandable and accessible, therefore healing becomes possible.

Gwenda-Mari le Grange, one of our fellow mappers in studio, is a living testimony of MAP applied to life. She recently went through surgery and has given me permission to share her testimony with you:

“After coming out of surgery for a hysterectomy last week my jaw was locked and I had a massive migraine. Because of MAP, I knew straight away that the jaw issue wasn’t actually a jaw issue but a core line issue.

So I released my core and psoas (where I could, because there are some surgical wounds with stitches still) and used my cups all over (my skin is polka-dot at the moment). Within a day my migraine was gone and I can open my jaw… no physio or chiro necessary!” 🎉

Wow wow wow!!! Connecting the dots in our own lives often really makes the MAP penny drop!
Thank you Gwenda for applying MAP to your situation and in turn inspiring all of us!

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